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The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

I'm returning to this blog after some months. Actually, a lot of months. It's a bit like taking a car out of storage. You kick the tires, and check the oil and battery, and poke at the engine, and pray to Jesus/Allah/Buddha the damn thing starts. I've cleaned out some of the old stuff. I have no idea if any of the links work. I see my comments have been spammed to death. Such is the price of negligence.

One new thing: I will be joined occasionally by my friend Agaete --- my man in Havana, er Canary Islands --- who will provide a Europeanish perspective.

Looking back over my old posts, I was struck considerably by how little has changed in eighteen months. We're still talking about the war on terror, same sex marriage, health care reform. Et cetera.

But we have Stephen Harper now.* Almost makes you yearn for the good ole days under Paul Martin, doesn't it?

*I note that I was wrong about Harper self-destructing over the same sex marriage issue. So far. I think he must be praying hard ("Please God, don't make me invoke the notwithstanding clause . . . those nasty Ontario and Quebec voters will whack me with a stick!") that the resolution on reopening the debate (or whatever parliamentary contortion he's planning) is defeated. Or the government falls. Or the earth falls into the sun. Any choice will do, really.


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