Assertion, unsupported by fact, is nugatory. Surmise and general abuse, in however elegant language, ought not to pass for truth. Junius


Let the Games Begin

New game for leftie bloggers: watching right wing bloggers foam at the mouth over this story.


1 point for identifying a right wing blog writing about it.

5 points if the blogger uses the phrase "attack on religion" (or similiar) in the post.

10 points if the blogger uses the phrase "slippery slope" (or similiar).

25 points if the blogger uses the word "ploy".

50 points if the blogger uses the word "polygamy".

100 points if the blogger uses all of the above, plus mentions Paul Martin.

Using multiple blogs allowed. No links, cross-posting or quotations of other postings allowed in scoring. No fabulous prizes, but The Upper Canadian will stand the winner a drink or two if s/he is in reasonable driving distance of Peterborough.


Blogger Rick Barnes said...

Fun but have to go to bed! Thanks dude.

Thursday, 27 January, 2005  
Blogger Bemused said...

I did mention polygamy (with a link to a Cosh blog posting).

Can I win something special being a very moderate right winger who's not all bent outta shape about this issue?


Thursday, 27 January, 2005  
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