Assertion, unsupported by fact, is nugatory. Surmise and general abuse, in however elegant language, ought not to pass for truth. Junius


A Very Small Thought

Funny how when the Roman Catholic Church denounces poverty and social injustice it is immediately castigated by the right as interfering in politics and society and told to shut up, but when it denounces same sex marriage, it is welcomed as being a representative voice. Call it free speech of convenience.

As for me, I actually believe in free speech whatever the circumstances. Even --- especially --- when I disagree with my opponent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how when the Church attacks same sex marriage legislation or abortion Conservatives listen and nod soberly, and see no conflict between Church and State. I don't remember similar reverent attention being paid to the Pope's views on the American invasion of Iraq.

- Balbulican

Thursday, 20 January, 2005  
Blogger mahigan said...

"Free speech of convenience" has a good ring to it. Reminds me of Jon Stewart's "douchebag for democracy".

Thursday, 20 January, 2005  

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