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Kisses and a Slap with a Trout

In my ongoing search for links to add to my sidebar right, I was very pleasantly surprised by a couple of things. First, I was amazed how many people from both sides of the political fence have added a link to this small corner of the Internet to their own web pages and by the kind and encouraging comments contained therein. Thank you. Since I'm essentially a black hole for positive feedback, your support is indeed gratifying. I have tried, incidentally, to reciprocate links where I have found them; if I have missed anyone, please drop me a line.

Your humble and ob't servant was also very pleased and excited to see The Upper Canadian receiving a nomination for Best New Blog in the 2004 Canadian Blog Awards competition being hosted at My Blahg. I'm bearing it all with my usual Peterborough County reserve, but truly I'm tickled pink. Many thanks to my anonymous nominator.

Now, lest you think all of this is going to my head, that I'm a self-important schmuck with no sense of proportion or propriety
this is the conversation I had with my Significant Other yesterday driving along Highway 7 into Peterborough:

Me: My blog got nominated for an award.

SO: What's a blog?

Me: [long, incomprehensible explanation]

SO: Oh. [pause] You mean it's like Harry Potter trading cards for adults.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your SO is most perspicacious

Doug Alder

Wednesday, 29 December, 2004  

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