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Minister Cotler Thinks Aloud

Meanwhile, back on Parliament Hill, Irwin Cotler, the Minister of Justice consults with his muse. We have lovely legislation, he thinks. Gays and lesbians can marry. Religious liberty is protected. The Supreme Court is going to love this. Everyone is happy. Then his muse drives him over a cliff. Marriage commissioners, says Minister Cotler, will not be compelled to perform marriages against their conscience. (Source: CBC News)

Now before you get your knickers in a knot and tell me that even marriage commissioners have religious rights, I will say that I agree with you completely. But the marriage licence office in Lower Nockleby, New Brunswick is not a church, and all civil servants, marriage commissioners included, are obliged to treat all Canadians equally, regardless of personal belief. Who knows what mischief would ensue if state employees, citing the marriage commissioners as precedent, started refusing service to the public on the basis of personal conviction.

I'll add another notion to the Minister's ruminations: yet another Supreme Court suit over same sex marriage.


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