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Blogging Hell

So I'm looking at bloggers today to which might be appropriate to put on the right sidebar, in other words looking for clever and maybe funny, from any part of the political spectrum (it's the exchange of ideas that counts) and also maybe a little original.

Needless to say, I'm not encouraged. Yet. So far I've looked at the ones from the right, all of which (thus far) boil down to the United States is heaven and George Bush is God-in-cowboy-boots and Canada, while not being the precise opposite, is a sort of pallid, soft and culturally inept fraud. Which brings me to one of my quibbles with my friends on the right: who among them actually speaks for Canada? One would think, if their comments were considered in isolation, that Canada was such insipid frozen hell that anyone with any sense would pack up their Pathfinder and flee to Phoenix, posthaste. Are any of them actually proud of their country? One example: the blogger at Ravishing Light writes: "I'm a university student living within spitting distance of Parliament Hill, with a profound sense of shame and embarassment for most things Canadian." No doubt he'll be found, come the next federal election, working for his local Tory candidate.

Their solution is simple: Canada needs to become more like the U.S. economically, culturally, politically. I might be from Peterborough County, but it escapes me, exactly, how becoming more American will make me more Canadian.

Meanwhile, the search goes on. . .


Blogger Andrew said...

Odd perspective to take. Rightist bloggers tend to be more negative on Canada right now because their party is not in power. That means there's lots to complain about - chiefly the Liberal's policies. If/when the government changes, you'll see the same thing streaming from the leftist bloggers... it's just how things go.

"Their solution is simple: Canada needs to become more like the U.S. economically, culturally, politically."

That's a really brutal generalization. Many Canadians are starting to believe that the political pendulum has swung too far to the left, and that it's time to drag it back towards the center. That is by no means wanting the Canada to turn into the US - only a desire to see more right-leaning policies.

Thursday, 16 December, 2004  

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