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Miscellaneous Quotes from the Nairobi Conference on Climate Change

Andy Atkins, of Tearfund, a U.K. relief agency:

“There is a scandalous lack of urgency about these talks. There is widespread agreement around the world that climate change is one of the most serious threats facing humanity, but you would not know that listening to some of the debates here in Nairobi. It is like being in a small sinking boat and everyone is debating when we should start seriously bailing out the water. We are seeing a shocking lack of urgency.”

“We need a major investment of political will this week, with more effort from nations on different sides of negotiations to reach agreement. We are calling on the British Secretary of State for the Environment David Miliband and fellow ministers from around the world who arrive midweek, to ensure that this climate change summit does not go down as one that failed millions of poor people around the world whose lives and livelihoods are already being adversely affected."

Kofi Annan:

"The Nairobi Conference must send a clear signal that the world's political leaders must take climate change seriously. There remains a frightening lack of leadership."

Rona Ambrose on Canada's Role:

"Canada's here to be constructive, to show progress. Our delegation is doing a fantastic job on the ground, making progress and working with other countries on the key issues.

Rona Ambrose on Canada meeting its Kyoto Targets:

"Canada is on track to meet all of our Kyoto obligations except for our target."

Steven Guilbeault, Greenpeace:

"[O]ne of the first things her government did when they came to power was abolish pretty much anything that existed in terms of implementation measures."

Rona Ambrose on Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change:

"As you know, Yvo de Boer himself said he recognized the challenge Canada is facing."

Yvo de Boer on Rona Ambrose:

"It's not that Canada hasn't committed to the 2012 levels they signed up to in the Kyoto Protocol. My understanding is that the Canadian prime minister and the minister of the environment indicated that the Kyoto targets are unachievable. I'm very much looking forward to Madame Ambrose arriving so I can ask her what the implications of that announcement are."

Lucienne Robillard on Rona Ambrose's performance as president of the climate change talks:

"(She) is missing so many meetings that her international colleagues are thinking about putting her face on a milk carton."



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