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Where Do I Sign Up?

Out of the tangled and complicated coverage of CIA rendition flights in Europe comes this extraordinary tidbit:

CIA pilots, sometimes using false identities and whose planes regularly passed through Britain, ran up huge bills in luxury hotels after flying terrorist suspects to secret locations where they were tortured. But they revealed their whereabouts and identities by indiscreet use of mobile phones and allowed outsiders to track their aircraft's flights.

On one occasion, CIA pilots and crew lived it up in Majorca after rendering Benyam Mohammed, an Ethiopian brought up in Notting Hill, west London, to Afghanistan where he was tortured. Benyam was detained in Pakistan early in 2002, and then flown to Morocco, where he says he suffered appalling torture. He is being held at Guantánamo Bay.

I'm sure I don't have to draw a road map between Corruption and its capital city, Torture, but still I wonder if I'm in the right business. A little extraordinary rendition, a little slap-dash waterboarding, then rest and relaxation on the Med, all expenses paid . . . and all for God and Country.

A tough life, that.


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