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In a Narcotic Haze

For those of you wondering, the dearth of posts in the last couple of days has been the result of some major excavations and rootings: I had some wisdom teeth out, and am accordingly living in a Percocet-and-Gravol-induced wonderland. Unlike Coleridge, I haven't been moved to any great effusions of poetry from my opioid use. No Xanadu for this boy. Just a lot of mindless staring at the television, sucking in Dr Phil and Oprah like a parched sponge.

However, it turns out that narcotic euphoria is good for other mindless tasks, like writing HTML code, which general bores me more than even reality television. I've made some significant changes to the format of the Upper Canadian, and would be glad for comments and suggestions on usability. I like the result, but then, I'm walking in a poppy field at the moment.


Anonymous Doug Alder said...

Ah percocet - I had all four wisdom teeth pulled in my last (and hardest) semester in university (SFU) back in '76. All four developed dry sockets. I went through my final exams stoned ot of my mind and got some of my best grades of the semester :) I hate exams and get too nervous to do well on them. With Percocet I simply didn't give a damn. LOL

Thursday, 26 October, 2006  

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