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Conservative Party Topography

Has anyone noticed the big "C" in the Conservative Party logo is essentially a Moebius loop? You'd have to connect the ends of the "C" together to get the loop, but that characteristic Moebius "twist" --- the delight of topographers and physicists everywhere --- is definitely present. A Moebius loop has several odd properties worth noting:
  • it has only one edge
  • it has only one side
  • left and right are meaningless when describing its properties
  • it is a two-dimensional object existing in three dimensions
  • if you travel along it you reverse your orientation when you arrive at the place you started
  • if you stitch two of them together edge to edge, you end up with a Klein bottle. Interestingly, you cannot unite two Mobius strips into a Klein bottle properly in three dimensions.
  • Furthermore, a Klein bottle paradoxically has no volume, and neither has it any boundaries, nor any inside or outside. In three dimensions, it has a hole, but in the fourth, the hole vanishes.
  • Klein bottles (and Moebius loops) are also beloved of topographically-minded knitters. I have no idea why. Google "Moebius strips knitting" and you'll see what I mean.

And who says graphic designers don't have a sense of humour?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course the key difference is that the Moebius strip has only one edge, whereas the CPoC has no edge at all.


Tuesday, 28 December, 2004  

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